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Currently, Japan aims to achieve 21% energy conservation by 2030, build a new energy mix, and take on the challenge of securing a global leadership position through technological innovation toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society by 2050. is starting

It is essential to make renewable energy the main power source in the new energy mix, and in order to realize this, it is urgent to improve the performance of large storage batteries to level out the instability that is the weak point of renewable energy.

In June 2022, the Sakata/Furutsuki Laboratory at the University of Tokyo Institute for Future Initiatives clarified the charging and discharging principles of zinc-manganese oxide secondary batteries, and applied advanced nano/nanocomposite technology that the laboratory had cultivated over many years. We have developed a manufacturing technology for a secondary battery, which is expected to be the most suitable battery for large-capacity energy storage, and published a paper on it to the world.
Using this theory and manufacturing technology developed by Sakata and Furutsuki Laboratory, our company will start research and development for the commercialization of large-scale high-performance storage batteries, and will strive to build a mass production system. Zinc and manganese, which exist abundantly on earth, are the main raw materials for manufacturing this battery, so materials can be procured freely and can be manufactured at low cost. We hope that early commercialization will contribute to the construction of a stable power supply network that utilizes natural energy.

Japan Volta Co., Ltd.


Company Profile

Company name

Japan Volta Co., Ltd.



2-1-17 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Suzuyo Nihonbashi Building 5F


February 2022


10 million yen


Satoshi Uchida

Main shareholder

General Incorporated Association Nanomaterials Research Institute
M.C Trading Co., Ltd.

Main business

Research, development, and manufacturing of new storage batteries using nanotechnology

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